How customers use mobile apps

The popularity of mobile apps corresponds to rapid growth in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices.

The Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2017 says that almost 88% of Australians have a smartphone with internet access. Over 83% of Australians are now on a 4G network, and, in total, Australian smartphone users interact with their devices 560 million times a day.

Deloitte also reports that people use mobile apps for certain activities and mobile internet browsers for others. Apps are the preferred channel for most entertainment activities, being used predominantly for:

  • playing games
  • streaming music
  • streaming videos, movies and TV programs
  • social networking
  • navigation.

On the other hand, people use a mobile browser to complete transactions such as:

  • online shopping (71%)
  • travel bookings (70%).

Australians are also using their mobile apps to bank, find local businesses, search for real estate, as well compare products and prices while they are shopping in a store.

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