Who accesses the internet from mobile devices?

The Telstra Smartphone Index 2013 reports that 62% of Australian mobile phone users own an internet connected smartphone, and a survey by PwC forecasts that 1 in 4 Australians will own a tablet computer such as an iPad by 2015.

Ownership of mobile devices is increasing, and so is the frequency of mobile internet use from these devices, with more than 71% of smartphone users accessing the internet on their smartphones daily. Research shows that people use mobile devices even when they're at home (e.g. while they are watching television).

People most often use smartphones and tablets for emailing, searching the internet and participating in social networking. They use smartphones for research before making a purchase, including comparing prices and products while they are in a shop ready to buy.

People also use smartphones and tablets for playing games and listening to music, while tablets are commonly used for reading books and newspapers and watching films and television.

Customers who use mobile devices

Men are more likely to use smartphones than women. Smartphones are more common in metropolitan areas where mobile internet and phone coverage is more consistent. Use of smartphones is growing fast across all age groups.


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