Who accesses the internet from mobile devices?

The Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2018 reports that 89% of Australian mobile phone users own an internet-enabled smartphone - not counting other internet-enabled devices such as tablets and laptops.

People most often use smartphones and tablets for emailing, instant messaging, searching the internet and participating in social networking.

Online shopping via mobile devices

According to the 2017 Australian Nielsen Connected Consumers Report, people are increasingly using mobile devices during the day and then moving to multiple devices in the evening.

Smartphones are used in all stages of shopping; consumers use them to research products before purchasing in a store, to run price comparisons in-store or to purchase online after visiting the store.

Opportunities exist for businesses who can offer an online sales process optimised for mobile devices.

Customers who use mobile devices

Australians aged 18-44 are the most digitally connected mobile users, checking their smartphones on average 56 times a day. The Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2017 (PDF, 6MB) reports that 35% of people surveyed check their phones within 5 minutes of waking each morning.

Smartphones are more common in metropolitan areas where mobile internet and phone coverage is more consistent. In 2017, the biggest growth in smartphone ownership was in 55-75 year olds.

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