Resolving disputes with other businesses

Smart business operators always look for effective, low-impact ways to resolve disputes.

As you conduct your business, disputes can occur with suppliers, landlords, builders, neighbours, advisers, financial institutions and other businesses. Disagreements can range from minor misunderstandings, such as confusion over a delivery time, to major disputes, such as contract breaches.

Business disputes distress staff and stakeholders, reduce performance, compromise delivery, damage business relationships and put your business at risk. You should always look for constructive ways of resolving disputes that save time and money and minimise damage to important relationships.

Escalating disputes to litigation, or leaving them unresolved, carries high business risks and costs. With the help of an impartial mediator, many formal complaints can be resolved using approaches such as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) without involving the courts.

This guide explains strategies for resolving disputes with other businesses and external parties.