Apply for natural resource funding

Round 3 – closed

Applications for Round 3 of the Natural Resources Recovery Program have now closed. Successful applicants will be notified by June 2024.

The Natural Resources Recovery Program (NRRP) has up to $10 million in funding available per year to eligible Queensland-based natural resource management organisations for projects that promote sustainable outcomes and innovation for land resources.

The program builds on the success of the Natural Resources Investment Program, with a focus on sustainable land management and regional prosperity by investing in our land and vegetation resources, our regions, and science. The NRRP will ensure that funds go to regions and activities not completely supported by other grant programs.

New funding rounds

There are no Natural Resources Recovery Program funding rounds currently open for application. Applications for Round 4 funding will open at a date yet to be determined. Check this page for updates.

Eligible applicants

To be eligible for funding under the Natural Resources Recovery Program, applicants must be a:

  • not-for-profit organisation (we require you to provide evidence of your not-for-profit status when you apply)
  • and
  • Queensland-based natural resource management organisation.

If your organisation is not eligible, you may collaborate with other eligible groups on projects.

Eligible projects

Projects must support at least 1 of the 3 program priorities and deliver the associated program outcome, as detailed in the application guidelines (PDF, 425KB).

Program priorities

Priority 1—Land

We want to improve landscape resilience and ability to respond to natural disasters and climate change.

The project needs to focus on improving:

  • soil health and land condition
  • the condition and extent of native vegetation (woody and non-woody).

Priority 2—Stakeholders

We want to support stakeholders to adopt sustainable practice management and drive regional economies.

The project needs to focus on improving:

  • improving education, facilitation and collaboration
  • creating valued and enduring partnerships built with First Nations people.

Priority 3—Data

We want to develop an understanding of the state of natural resources through monitoring and evaluation.

The project needs to focus on improving natural resource management decision making through effective interventions and utilisation of data.

Contact us

For more information about the program, or if you have further questions, email