Industry Workforce Advisors

Working with an Industry Workforce Advisor can help you plan your workforce, find solutions to employment challenges, and connect with programs, incentives and funding opportunities. Find out how you can engage with an Industry Workforce Advisor.

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About Industry Workforce Advisors

Industry Workforce Advisors have been established under the Good people. Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022–2032 to help employers:

  • identify solutions to workforce challenges
  • connect with relevant Queensland programs and funding, industry-based initiatives and grant funding, and Australian Government wage subsidies and employer incentives.

The Industry Workforce Advisor program aims to provide workforce planning assistance to employers in small and medium sized businesses, enabling them to address workforce challenges, diversify their workforces, and support workforce growth. This may include identifying recruitment strategies to expand applicant pools and considering underrepresented groups (e.g. migrants, young people, those who identify as women, First Nation or people with disabilities).

Maximising workforce participation enables employers to draw on a larger talent pool, ensuring all Queenslanders have access to employment opportunities, particularly people who have previously been underrepresented in the workplace. By increasing participation and leveraging the existing skills, experience and qualifications of all Queenslanders, including migrant communities, we can build a stronger, more capable workforce.

Working with an Industry Workforce Advisor

Industry Workforce Advisors work directly with individual employers to:

  • identify workforce challenges, develop a workforce plan and suggest options to address the challenges including accessing grants and incentives
  • refer small businesses to the Workforce Connect Fund for new and innovative human resource (HR) solutions
  • assist employers to develop strategies to recruit and attract people for their workforce, including from diverse groups, and other potential labour supply (e.g. skilled migration)
  • connect employers with the department's programs including grants and initiatives, this Business Queensland website's information and Australian Government programs and incentives.

Workforce Connect Fund applications

Small businesses need to engage with an Industry Workforce Advisor to be eligible to apply for the Workforce Connect Fund – Human Resources Support Grants.

Contact an Industry Workforce Advisor

The following Industry Workforce Advisors have been contracted from 7 November 2022 to 31 December 2025 to provide coverage for these industry sectors.

Industry sector Industry Workforce Advisor
Agriculture and horticulture

Kym Wessling
Industry Workforce Advisor
Queensland Farmers' Federation Ltd
Mobile: 0427 576 602


Matthew Traynor
Industry Workforce Advisor
Motor Trades Association of Queensland
Mobile: 0426 269 234

Business and information and communication technology

Eleanor Crosby
Industry Workforce Advisor
Australian Computer Society
Mobile: 0448 901 376

Community services

Natalie Palelei
Industry Workforce Advisor
Community Services Industry Alliance Ltd
Mobile: 0439 044 070

Electrotechnology and utilities

Darryl Ladbrook
Industry Workforce Advisor
Energy Skills Queensland
Mobile: 0476 194 069

First Nations health care and social assistance

Andy Legg
Industry Workforce Advisor
CheckUP Australia
Mobile: 0498 801 004


Vicky Meyer
Industry Workforce Advisor
CheckUP Australia
Mobile: 0436 814 501

Retail and personal services

Andrew Nathan
Industry Workforce Advisor
National Retail Association
Mobile: 0403 467 859

Tourism, hospitality and events

Adam Stephen
Industry Workforce Advisor
Queensland Tourism Industry Council
Mobile: 0431 229 131

Transport and logistics

Angela Mottram
Industry Workforce Advisor
Queensland Trucking Association Ltd
Mobile: TBA

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