Measuring customer service

Identify areas of your customer service that are measurable, and regularly check that these meet your expectations. There are many ways to measure the success of your customer service.

Mystery shoppers

You could organise a friend or family member to be a mystery shopper or mystery phone caller. Have them ask specific questions of your staff to test their product knowledge, helpfulness and the time taken to be served.

You may also be able to hire a mystery shopping company, who can design their visits around your specific requirements.

Surveys and feedback forms

Customer feedback is another good measure of your service. To collect information on customer satisfaction, you could use survey cards where customers rate aspects of your service (e.g on a scale of 1 to 5). You can ask for feedback on specific aspects of your business or leave forms open-ended, like a suggestion box. Share with staff any positive or negative feedback you receive.

You can collect customers' personal details by asking for names, contact details and preferences on the back of any feedback forms or cards. Any customer information that you collect, whether you use it or not, must comply with business privacy laws. The laws also cover how you can store and use the information.

Find out more about protecting privacy and information.

Business website

Include a feedback section on your website, such as a message board, or make a clear 'contact us' section and say that you appreciate all feedback.

Business records

You can also measure aspects of your business that have numerical values, such as the number of orders, number of complaints and number of hits on your website, as these are affected by your customer service.

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