When customers contact you

Customers who contact your business after a sale offer you a great opportunity to build your relationships and improve your customer service.

Customers will contact your business for many reasons—to ask about your products, check up on a delivery, question your service or make a complaint. Your goal is to make this encounter a positive one.

Improve service for after-sales queries

Answer queries about purchased products as promptly, accurately and realistically as possible. Check your customer's contact details at the same time. If you can't help your customer, refer them to someone who can—even if you need to make some enquiries and get back to them with a referral or suggestion.

Ensure you and your staff are generous with your time and personal attention to your customer's needs. Show your customer that you want to help them.

Follow up on any queries you receive to make sure you have resolved your customer's questions.

Online after-sales service

Customers won't always contact you directly for after-sales service, but they may search your website. Providing the right information on your website gives them the after-sales service they need.

Setting up an online help desk or enquiries email can also help you manage customer questions or concerns. You can also answer your customers' frequently asked questions on a dedicated FAQ page.

Use your website to explain your processes for managing customer queries and complaints. State your commitment to resolving customer concerns quickly, and make your process steps clear.

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Turning complaints into compliments

Manage customer complaints quickly and courteously. A well-managed complaint can turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal advocate.

When your customers do have a problem, have a clear 'talk to the manager' policy in place for your staff to follow. If customers phone or visit with problems, make sure your staff know that you or your manager are happy to deal with them directly.

Reward customers for contacting you with problems. Offer them enhanced service or a discounted product to thank them for bringing their issue to your attention. Always encourage your customers to bring their concerns about your business to you, instead of others.

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