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About the national regulatory system for community housing

The National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) is the national system of registering, monitoring and regulating community housing providers.

Community housing providers that want to deliver a funded social housing service in Queensland need to be registered with the NRSCH.

Who needs to be registered

Existing providers

All community housing providers with existing funding that want to continue delivery of funded social housing services in Queensland should now be registered.

New providers

New organisations that want to provide funded social housing services must apply for registration through the registrar in the state or territory where they do most of their business. Read about applying for national registration.

Local government providers

Local governments that are funded by the Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) to provide community housing are registered under the Queensland State Regulatory System for Community Housing (QSRSCH).

Not registering or choosing to cancel your registration

The NRSCH is an opt-in system. However, if an organisation with social housing funding under the Housing Act 2003 does not register, or chooses to cancel their registration, this will end their funding relationship with HPW.

The organisation and HPW must then agree on what happens to the funded assets. Only registered providers may hold funded social housing assets.

If you're considering ending your funding relationship, discuss your options with your Housing Services contract manager.


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