Support for the screen industry in Queensland

The screen industry in Queensland is a major contributor to the Queensland economy. It provides jobs for skilled Queenslanders and diverse business opportunities for sole traders, suppliers and service providers.

Defining the screen industry

The screen industry includes a wide range of practitioners and businesses involved in:

  • film or series production and post-production (such as live-action, animated, scripted and documentary formats)
  • games development and new interactive technology experiences (such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR))
  • support services to the industry, including catering, equipment hire, construction, travel management, financial and legal services, talent representation, publicity, distribution and event management (such as film festivals and conferences).

Screen Queensland industry support

Screen Queensland is a Queensland Government agency that provides a wide range of programs and information for the screen industry. It supports locally produced films, series and digital games, and secures international and interstate production and post-production activities into Queensland. Screen Queensland also has a range of initiatives to build skills and careers for local screen practitioners and funds film festivals and industry conferences.

The following programs and initiatives are available to screen businesses, including sole traders.

Note: Support programs for the screen industry are also offered by the Australian Government through Screen Australia.

General support

Initiatives are short-term programs designed to up-skill screen practitioners and provide development and production opportunities. Programs are often delivered in partnership with industry experts and organisations.

Initiative funding has also been used to hire new team members, engage expert consultants, purchase equipment and infrastructure, invest in innovation, explore new revenue streams or execute marketing strategies.

Find out more about Initiatives.

Short-term paid internships on productions provide recipients with career guidance and on-the-job training.

Mentorship recipients are paired with practitioners from leading screen industry organisations, and work placements can receive year-long paid traineeships.

Find out more about the mentorship and work placement programs.

Attachment opportunities could include working on-set or behind the scenes on domestic and international productions filmed in Queensland.

Find out more about the Attachment Program.

You can attend a networking event to connect with the screen community, share knowledge and find collaborators. Screen Queensland runs seminars, masterclasses and networking events to inspire, inform, connect and upskill participants.

Run throughout the year, workshops and training courses provide essential skills and know-how. Past workshops have covered business essentials, screenwriting, game design, editing, budgeting and script assessment.

Frequent online and in-person Q&A events are run with renowned Australian and international industry practitioners. They provide access to valuable career and creative insights. Past guests have been high profile directors, filmmakers and producers.

Find networking and Q&A events, workshops and training courses.

The crew and facilities directories are used by producers and potential clients to find local film, television and digital media professionals and support services. Register to upload your free listing so you can be found by potential employers and clients.

Learn more about the Crew and facilities directory.

The SQmob Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program provides unique opportunities to First Nations practitioners. The program oversees First Nations screen production, screen culture festivals, career development initiatives (including mentorships and workshops) and networking events.

In addition to increasing representation of First Nations practitioners, equity-focused initiatives are also run regularly for practitioners identifying as women, non-binary, LGBTQIA+, living with disability, culturally and linguistically diverse, regional or remote-based, or of under-represented ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

Read more about the SQmob Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program.

Support for writers and producers to create films and series

Queensland-based writers and producers of films and series are supported through each phase of production by the following programs.

The Ideas Program is available to practitioners to develop their film or series ideas when preparing to present the most complete and persuasive pitch to commissioners (i.e. streaming services and broadcasters).

Queensland practitioners can apply for up to $10,000 (early-stage development) and up to $25,000 (more progressed ideas), to cover writer or producer costs, or to create budgets or finance plans.

Learn more about the Ideas Program.

Read the Screen Australia guidelines on how to create a 'treatment' (an essential pitch document) and a script layout.

If you have screen projects in development, you can apply for the Market Program to receive up to $7,500 towards registration, travel and accommodation to national and international screen markets and conferences. These events offer opportunities (often through a separate application or registration process) to pitch to potential producers, investors, commissioners (i.e. streaming services and broadcasters) and distributors.

Learn more about the Market Program.

The Screen Finance Program provides up to $850,000 in support to enter a film or series into production.

To apply for funding, you must demonstrate that your production is creatively, logistically, legally and financially prepared to enter the production phase.

Read more about the Screen Finance Program.

Visit Screen Australia for relevant templates.

Support for game developers/virtual and augmented reality

The Games Grants Program helps grow the Queensland digital games industry by providing support to local developers and studios.

The grant supports applications for projects at varying stages of development – up to $20,000 for prototype, up to $50,000 for early access, or up to $90,000 for full launch.

Learn more about the Games Grants Program.

The Market Program offers up to $7,500 towards registration, travel and accommodation to national and international game markets and conferences. These major events offer opportunities (often through a separate application or registration process) to pitch to potential publishers.

Find out more about the Market Program.

Support for film festivals, conferences and  screen culture events

The Screen Culture Funding Program offers up to $8,000 for festivals and screenings, $25,000 for touring festivals and up to $150,000 for large-scale festivals and events. Rounds are open twice annually and multi-year funding is also available.

Learn more about the Screen Culture Funding Program.

More information

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