Petroleum and gas safety and health fee

The petroleum and gas safety and health fee funds the safety and health services that the Queensland Government provides to the petroleum and gas industries.

What the fee covers

The safety and health fee covers the costs of regulatory services for safety and health at operating plant across Queensland.

This includes activities to:

  • develop policy and engage with stakeholders
  • conduct inspections, audits and investigations
  • respond to complaints, dangerous situation and emergencies
  • deliver safety initiatives.

How the fee is calculated

The annual fee is calculated using information received in the petroleum and gas safety and health fee return form. Data from the previous financial year is used to invoice the fee for the current financial year.

Refer to the Petroleum and Gas (Safety) Regulation 2018 for details of how the fee is calculated.

Completing the return form

The return form is due by 31 July each year. Penalties apply for late lodgement. For help completing the form, read the P&G safety and health fee guidelines (PDF, 1MB).

Complete the return form

Paying the fee

The fee is invoiced by 10 November and must be paid by 10 December. Details of payment methods can be found on the invoice.

2019–20 costs estimate

Each year, we are required to publish forward estimates of the costs of undertaking safety and health activities for each relevant category of liable person for the financial year.

The table below shows the estimated costs for relevant fee categories where the capping formula applies (categories 1–4, 6 and 7) for the invoices to be issued in the 2019–20 financial year.

Petroleum and gas safety and health fee 2019–20 costs estimate
Fee categoryTitle Liable person Fee rate 2018–19 Fee rate 2019–201 Calculated capped costs 2019–20 FY
1 Drilling wells Operators of plant used to drill the well Per km $1,517 Per km $1,551 $727,997
2 Well completion or maintenance work Operators of work-over rigs Per well $285.50 Per well $291.90 $948,868
3 Exploration Holders of exploration tenures Per sub-block $2.44 Per sub-block $2.49 $179,184
4 Producing petroleum under a petroleum lease Holders of petroleum production lease Per well $1,564 Per well $1,599 $4,029,480
6 Greenhouse gas (GHG) storage projects Operators of GHG storage facilities Per project $13,102 Per project $13,397 $0.002
7 Pipelines Operators of pipelines Per pipeline index $0.0003798 Per pipeline index $0.0003883 $934,319

1The fee rate for 2019–20 has been increased by this year's standard Queensland Government indexation rate of 2.25%.
2Currently no industry activity in this category.

Contact us

For more information about the safety and health levy, contact:

Safety and Health Levy Unit
Business Strategy & Services, Resources Safety and Health
Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
PO Box 15216
Phone: (07) 3199 8019 or (07) 3199 8014

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