Petroleum and gas safety and health fee

About the safety and health fee

The petroleum and gas safety and health fee funds the safety and health services that the Queensland Government provides to the petroleum and gas industries.

What the safety and health fee covers

The safety and health fee covers the costs of the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate's 'safety and health' regulatory services for petroleum and gas activities across Queensland.

This includes:

  • providing a 24-hour emergency response service
  • developing safety and health policies and engagement with stakeholders to provide advice
  • conducting inspections and audits relating to petroleum and gas activities
  • investigating petroleum and gas accidents
  • responding to complaints, dangerous situations and emergencies
  • researching, developing and facilitating petroleum and gas safety and health best practice
  • delivering petroleum and gas safety initiatives to improve industry safety performance
  • facilitating and participating in national petroleum and gas committees and reform agendas.

How the safety and health fee is calculated

The annual safety and health fee is calculated using information received in the petroleum and gas safety and health fee return form. Data from the previous financial year is used to invoice the safety and health fee for the current financial year.

The safety and health fee varies based on the size, complexity, and risk level of your operation. Refer to the Petroleum and Gas (Safety) Regulation 2018 for details of how the fee is calculated.

Who pays the safety and health fee

A liable person that must submit a return form and pay a fee is defined in s.155 of the Regulation. A person who is not liable to pay the fee is defined in s.156.

All liable persons, including interstate companies, who conduct petroleum and gas and related operations in Queensland that are regulated by the Regulation are required to complete the return form and pay the safety and health fee.

Fees for each category for the 2024–25 year

Fee categoryRate
Drilling wells $1,760.18
Well completion or maintenance work $331.32
Exploration – i. Authority to prospect $2.85
Exploration – ii. Geothermal exploration permits $2.85
Exploration – iii. Greenhouse gas permits $2.85
Petroleum lease holders $1,814.98
Petroleum facilities – i. Major processing facility $15,201.52
Petroleum facilities – ii. Syngas production facility $7,598.57
Petroleum facilities – iii. Non mineral (f) u/g facility $7,598.57
Petroleum facilities – iv. LPG production facility $11,399.50
Petroleum facilities – v. LNG production facility $11,399.50
Petroleum facilities – vi. CNG production facility $5,317.79
Petroleum facilities – vii. Mineral (f) u/g facility $15,201.52
Petroleum facilities – viii. Other production facility $15,201.52
Greenhouse gas projects $15,201.52
Pipeline systems - i. Pipeline licence operator $0.0004406
Pipeline systems – ii. Distribution pipeline operator $0.0004406
Pipeline systems – iii. GHG stream pipeline operator $0.0004406
Distribution system $230.71
LPG delivery network – i. Small $3,443.63
LPG delivery network – ii. Medium $8,266.03
LPG delivery network – iii. Large $1.03
LPG delivery network – iv. Large (maximum) $760,203.14
Product supplier of automotive LPG $5.10
Major consumer – i. 50–150 GJ/hr $8,266.03
Major consumer – ii. 151–500 GJ/hr $13,091.72
Major consumer – iii. >500 GJ/hr $15,844.87
Biogas or biomethane – i. >50kW $0.00
Biogas or biomethane – ii. 50kW–2MW $2,614.51
Biogas or biomethane – iii. >2MW–5MW $5,229.02
Entertainment events $1,516.86
Late fee $757.34

About the return form

Liable entities are required to annually complete the return form in accordance with s.157 of the Petroleum and Gas (Safety) Regulation 2018. The return form is then assessed in accordance with legislation to determine if you are liable to pay the safety and health fee.

The return form is due by 31 July each year. If the return form is not submitted on time a late fee will be applied under schedule 6, part 3(16) of the Regulation.

If you are liable for more than 1 fee category, you must complete the return form for each category in which you are liable. You will be charged the appropriate safety and health fee for each category in 1 invoice.

Instructions about how to complete the return form are built into the form below:

Complete the return form

The return form for new operations

The safety and health fee applies to any new plant or activities undertaken in the financial year. If a person becomes liable within a financial year, they must lodge a return form after the end of the relevant financial year and will be invoiced accordingly.

Incorrect return form submitted

If you have submitted an incorrect return form, contact our office. You may be required to resubmit the return form. If it's determined that the fee has been overpaid, you may be refunded in accordance with s. 65 of the Regulation.

When to pay the safety and health fee

The safety and health fee is invoiced by 10 November and must be paid by 10 December.

Invoices paid after the due date will incur a late fee and be charged interest on the unpaid amount calculated at the rate of 15% per year. The interest is calculated as simple interest.

Payment method details are provided on the invoice.

2024–25 costs estimate

Each year, we are required to publish forward estimates of the costs of undertaking safety and health activities for each relevant category of liable person for the financial year.

The table below shows the estimated costs for relevant fee categories where the capping formula applies (categories 1–4, 6 and 7) for the invoices to be issued in the 2024–25 financial year.

Petroleum and gas safety and health fee 2024–25 costs estimate

Fee categoryTitle Liable person Fee rate 2023–24 Estimated fee rate 2024–251 Calculated capped costs 2024–25 FY
1 Drilling wells Operators of plant used to drill the well Per km $1,702.36 Per km $1,760.18 $717,763
2 Well completion or maintenance work Operators of work-over rigs Per well $320.44 Per well $331.32 $1,284,594
3 Exploration Holders of exploration tenures Per sub-block $2.76 Per sub-block $2.85 $88,079
4 Producing petroleum under a petroleum lease Holders of petroleum production lease Per well $1,755.36 Per well $1,814.98 $6,017,294
6 Greenhouse gas (GHG) storage projects Operators of GHG storage facilities Per project $14,702.20 Per project $15,201.52 $0.002
7 Pipelines Operators of pipelines Per pipeline index $0.0004261 Per pipeline index $0.0004406 $1,165,427

1The estimated fee rate for 2024–25 has been increased by this year's standard Queensland Government indexation rate of 3.4%. Fees were last indexed on 01 July 2023.
2Currently no industry activity in this category.

Contact us

For more information about the safety and health fee, contact:

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Phone: (07) 3199 8014 or (07) 3199 8019
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