Section 29 notices for native title

Under section 29 of the Native Title Act 1993, the notification process is triggered when addressing native title rights and interests through the expedited procedure and right-to-negotiate process.

The Act requires that any relevant native title party, the registered native title body corporate, the Aboriginal/Torres Strait Island representative body, the National Native Title Tribunal and the applicant be notified of the State's intent to grant a right to mine over land that is subject to native title.

For a public notification, the notification must occur in both:

  • a newspaper that circulates throughout the area to which the notification relates
  • a relevant special interest publication, usually a newspaper, such as the Koori Mail, that caters mainly, or exclusively, for the interests of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The notices are referred to as section 29 notices. You can find details of the notice requirements in the Native title guideline: Notification and advertising process (PDF, 596KB).

Public notification is not required where the resource application falls within the boundary of a native title determined party or parties. The notice is sent directly to the native title party or parties.

Section 29 notices from the last 6 months

Below is a list of the native title section 29 notices from the last 6 months. If you need to access any notices from before that time, please contact us.

Note: These notices are in PDF format and may not be fully accessible by assistive readers. Contact us if you require the documents in an alternative format.

March 2023

Wednesday 22

October 2023

Wednesday 11

Wednesday 4

September 2023

Wednesday 6

August 2023

Wednesday 9

Wednesday 2

  • Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd EPM 27776 (PDF, 152.4KB)

July 2023

Wednesday 5

  • Jackson Joseph Hill ML 10210 (PDF, 136.1KB)

April 2023

Wednesday 19