Significant incident and complaint reports

Below you'll find summaries of all reported explosives incidents, high-potential incidents, near misses and complaints in Queensland since 2005.

You'll find a report for each month of the current year and a compiled report for each year since 2005.

Incidents are categorised by safety and security for the various explosives industry sectors.

Investigative reports

Angellala Creek ammonium nitrate explosion

On Friday 5 September 2014 a road train carrying 52 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was involved in a single vehicle accident on the Mitchell Highway at Angellala Creek, approximately 30km south of Charleville in Queensland, Australia. The Explosives Inspectorate from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines has conducted a thorough investigation into the nature and cause of the explosion. In the interest of public safety an investigation report has been released.

Read more about the Angellala Creek significant incident investigation.

2018 reports 

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2017 reports 

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2016 reports 

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2015 reports 

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2014 reports 

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Reports from previous years 

2013 report (PDF, 2.1MB)

2012 report (PDF, 606.0KB)

2011 report (PDF, 857.7KB)

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2006 report (PDF, 356.8KB)

2005 report (PDF, 565.2KB)