Electricity generation from gas

A number of Queensland power stations generate electricity using natural gas as fuel.

Queensland's current gas-fired generators include those listed below. The figure in megawatts (MW) is their registered capacity for trading in the National Electricity Market.

  • Barcaldine Power Station: a 37MW gas-fired generator located at Barcaldine
  • Braemar Power Station: a 504MW gas-fired generator at Wambo, north-east of Dalby
  • Braemar 2 Power Station: a 519MW gas-fired generator located next to the Braemar Power Station at Wambo, north-east of Dalby
  • Condamine Power Station: a 144MW gas-fired generator at Miles
  • Darling Downs Power Station: a 644MW gas-fired generator located 40km west of Dalby
  • Oakey Power Station: a 282MW gas-fired generator located in Oakey
  • Roma Power Station: a 80MW gas-fired generator located at Roma
  • Townsville Power Station: a 242MW gas-fired generator at Yabulu, north of Townsville
  • Yarwun Power Station: a 154MW gas-fired generator located 10km north-west of Gladstone.

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