Advantages of bringing an ICT and digital media business to Queensland

The Queensland Government welcomes business and investment in all areas of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry - in particular:

  • simulation technology
  • e-health
  • games development.

There are many advantages to bringing your ICT and digital media business to Queensland.

Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN)

The rollout of Australia's NBN will level the playing field and increase opportunity for regional centres to compete as ICT investment locations. Queensland's competitive advantage in mining and agriculture, as well as our essential service industry sectors including education, health and transport logistics, will offer the opportunity to strategically locate valuable service-based operations throughout the state.

Australia is one of the largest ICT market in the Asia-Pacific region behind Japan, China, Korea and India, and is projected to grow into a $300 billion sector by 2020.

Education and training in Queensland

Queensland's universities have a range of ICT degree programs, which are producing large numbers of skilled graduates who are being internationally recognised for their innovative flair. The majority of employed Queenslanders are currently working in service-related industries.

Queensland's research and development (R&D) climate

Queensland is renowned for leading-edge ICT research with research centres based within Queensland universities, including the:

Learn more about innovation, research and development in Queensland.

Queensland's low business costs

Queensland offers an attractive environment for ICT operations due to our excellent data and intellectual property rights protection and competitive pricing for IT project management.

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