Advantages of bringing a defence business to Queensland

As Australia's front line for defence industries, Queensland has the reliable infrastructure and skilled workforce that can benefit your defence business. There are many advantages to bringing your defence business to Queensland.

Accessible locations

Strong logistics support is provided for the major Australian Defence Force (ADF) bases in Queensland, including a strong road and rail network. Queensland is also strategically located as Australia's gateway to the Asia-Pacific region.

A growing number of international companies are establishing headquarters or operations in Queensland thanks to our strong manufacturing industry expertise in defence domains including:

  • aviation and aerospace
  • electronics
  • maintenance, repair, overhaul and sustainment of air, land and sea assets
  • heavy engineering and fabrication
  • research and development
  • education and training
  • vehicle construction.

These sectors are well supported by a network of clustered smaller companies, physical infrastructure, and sophisticated education and training facilities.

Low business costs

The business operating environment in Queensland is cost competitive with considerably lower labour, utility and real estate expenses compared to other locations in the Asia-Pacific region. Costs in Queensland also compare favourably with other Australian states.

Learn more about low business costs in Queensland.

Infrastructure and facilities

Queensland has reliable infrastructure and a commitment to further development.

Read about specific facilities supporting the air, land and sea defence sectors.


The Queensland Government is committed to helping new and emerging industries, and traditional industries, to train, retain and attract qualified staff and upgrade their workforce skills base to remain globally competitive.

A number of programs and educational facilities support our growing defence sector. This ensures Queensland's highly-skilled workforce is evolving to meet changing defence industry needs.

Learn more about Queensland's highly skilled workforce.

Research and development (R&D)

The Queensland Government's commitment to innovation is delivered in collaboration with:

  • leading research organisations such as CSIRO and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation
  • universities
  • technology diffusion agencies such as QMI Solutions
  • industry.

Read more about innovation in Queensland's defence industries and other examples of innovation, research and development in Queensland.

Economic growth

Queensland's economic growth is forecast to accelerate from 2½% 2016-17 to 3% in 2018-19.

Queensland Government support

The Queensland Government recognises defence as a priority industry and seeks to position the state as a premier defence destination for the Asia-Pacific region.

Contact Defence Industries Queensland for more information about how the Queensland Government can help your business.

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