We all play a role - video transcript

In this Behind the bar RSA interactive training video – We all play a role, we look at why intoxicated patrons who are out of sight of the bar should be monitored by all venue staff, such as crowd controllers, glassies, floor staff and RSA marshals.

We see what the floor staff member sees as he walks into the kitchen and puts his bag down. We see a compliance sign that reads: 'It is illegal for us to supply liquor to you if you are: unduly intoxicated, disorderly, under 18'. We enter the bar where the floor staff member greets co-workers and proceeds to collect empty glasses from patrons. He hears glass breaking and comes across a group of patrons in a corner of the venue, out of sight of the bar. Two are highly intoxicated and 1 is sober. The sober patron is buying alcoholic drinks for his friends.

[Floor staff]

Hey, Abbey! I'll be downstairs.

Hey, Tina, just going to do a lap.

[Sober patron approaches the bar]

[Sober patron]

Just 2 of the same, thanks.

[Floor staff member walks around the venue, collecting empty glasses from tables and patrons.]

[Floor staff]

Are you done with that one?

Yeah, just pop them in there.

Thanks, mate!

[Distant shout, glass clanging]

[Sober patron]


[Girl laughs and stumbles, drunk man mumbles and has trouble standing. Both are clearly intoxicated.]

[Floor staff]

I'll grab those.

[Sober patron]

Thanks, mate.

[Floor staff member walks tray of empty glasses to the back of the bar and sees the sober patron ordering more alcoholic drinks. The words, 'Did you see the signs?', 'What are your responsibilities?' and 'What could you have done differently?' appear on-screen.]

[Sober patron]

I'll just grab two more of those, thanks.

[The scenario rewinds.]

[Distant shout, girl laughs, drunk man mumbles]

[The word 'Observe' appears on-screen]

[Floor staff's inner voice]

These guys look like they might have had a few. The bar staff can't see them. I wonder if anyone has an eye on them.

[The word 'Engage' appears on-screen]

[Floor staff's inner voice]

The bar staff can't see them. I wonder if anyone has an eye on them?

[Drunk male patron]

I'm sorry!

[Drunk female patron]

Can I get a jug?

[Sober patron picks up knocked over glasses and walks towards the floor staff member.]

[Floor staff]

Hey, mate, I'll take care of them (glasses).

[Sober patron]

Yeah, thanks.

[Floor staff]

They're having a big one!

[Loud laughs from drunk male and female patron.]

[Sober patron]

I'm stuck driving tonight. Don't worry, they always get this way after a few drinks. They'll be alright.

[The word 'Assess' appears on-screen.]

[Floor staff's inner voice]

Hmm... Looks like the designated driver is buying the drinks. I bet the bar staff don't know what's going on back here.

[The words 'Have a plan' appear on-screen.]

[Floor staff's inner voice]

I really don't think those two need any more to drink right now. I should probably have a chat to the manager.

[Drunk woman falls onto another patron, gasps and then laughs.]

[Floor staff]

Hey, Kylie, there's a group back there in the corner, it looks like they might have had a few. Their friend is buying the drinks. Can we let everyone know to keep an eye out? Don't want things getting messy.

[Manager (Kylie)]

Thanks, I'll sort it straight away.

[Manager radios other staff]

Hey, guys, we've got a bit of a problem at the back.

[The words 'Provide a solution', then 'Think before you serve the drink' appear on-screen.]

Watch the Behind the bar RSA interactive training video – We all play a role.