Using food technology for business

The Health and Food Sciences Precinct's food technology area includes a modern food science laboratory next to the food pilot plant.

Food technologists at the plant study the formulation, processing, storage, packaging and functionality of processed foods under the guidance of Australian industry and government regulations.

Realising your food and beverage product ideas

Food scientists and processing experts can develop product concepts and prototypes and help take you from idea to product by:

  • sourcing ingredients
  • formulating products
  • designing processing regimes
  • defining finished goods specifications
  • developing prototypes for consumer trials.

Some of the services to business and industry include:

  • optimising formulations for cost, quality and ingredient functionality
  • designing value-added food products from under-utilised or agricultural by-products
  • new food and beverage product development from definition to consumer testing
  • reformulation or revision of existing product formulation, processing and packaging.

Location and contact information

The food science laboratory is located at the Health and Food Sciences Precinct, 39 Kessels Rd, Coopers Plains, Qld 4108.

Phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for more food science information.

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