Carrier boat licence

Carrier boat licences will be discontinued from 1 September 2021 as part of fisheries reforms . Existing licences will be phased out and discontinued from 1 January 2022, when alternative arrangements for carrying fish will apply. No new carrier boat licences will be issued.

A carrier boat licence allows a boat to transport fish (except live reef fish) caught by other commercial fishing boats.

Permanent and temporary transfer of a carrier boat licence

You can still permanently or temporarily transfer an existing licence to another person. You must submit a register transfer of carrier boat licence application and a written proposal detailing your intended carrying activities, including:

  • the area you intend to operate in
  • the species you intend to take aboard from other operations
  • which operations' product you intend to take aboard.

If it’s a temporary transfer, this should be noted on the form. The temporary transfer period should also be included (i.e. 'transfer from' date, and 'transfer to' date).

Some restrictions may apply following transfer.

Third-party interests

If there is a third-party interest recorded against a carrier boat licence, their permission to transfer the licence is required before the application can be progressed.

Stamp duty

You may have to pay Queensland stamp duty. Contact the Office of State Revenue for more information.


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