Commercial and charter fishing licences and permits

Queensland commercial fishers are required under fisheries legislation to hold certain authorities. 'Authority' is a generic term that covers a range of commercial fishing licences (and associated symbols), permits and quotas.

Licence cards are issued to assist commercial fishers demonstrate on the water which authority they are operating under. If requested by a fisheries inspector, licence cards must be available for immediate inspection. New cards are only issued for certain licence types, and only when your card needs replacing because you have lost, destroyed or misplaced the original card.

This guide contains information about a range of commercial fishing authorities, including applying for new authorities, changing the details of existing authorities and searching the public register of fishing authorities.

Torres Strait commercial fishing licences

Commercial fishing licences for the Torres Strait area are issued by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority on behalf of the Protected Zone Joint Authority. Find out more about commercial fishing licences in the Torres Strait Protected Zone.