Commercial fishing licences

Queensland commercial fishers are required by law to hold certain authorities. 'Authority' is a generic term that covers a range of commercial fishing licences (and associated symbols), permits and quotas.

Licences and permits allow commercial fishers to catch certain marine species as long as they abide by conditions such as area restrictions, catch limits, catch reporting and gear used. Authorities can be bought, sold or transferred, depending on the fishery, and this process is managed by Fisheries Queensland.

You will not receive a new licence card when you pay your regular licence fees every 6 months.

New cards are only issued when:

  • you transfer ownership of the authority
  • you update your details (e.g. boat recorded or condition of licence)
  • your card is close to expiry.

This guide contains information about a range of commercial fishing authorities, including applying for new authorities, changing the details of existing authorities and searching the public register of fishing authorities.

Torres Strait commercial fishing licences

Fisheries Queensland no longer manages commercial fishing licences for the Torres Strait area. The Protected Zone Joint Authority (PZJA) now issues these licences. Find out more about commercial fishing licences in the Torres Strait Protected Zone.


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