Overview of commercial trawl fisheries

From 1 September 2021, there are new rules and reporting requirements for Queensland commercial fisheries.

Find fact sheets on the new rules and reporting requirements.

Closure alerts

  • The southern inshore and southern offshore trawl regions are closed to taking scallops.
    The scallop effort cap in the southern inshore trawl region has been reached. Commercial fishers cannot take scallops in the southern inshore or southern offshore trawl regions from midday 4 April 2021, until after the winter spawning closure ends on 20 November 2021.
  • The southern trawl regulated waters effort is restricted to 24 trawl fishing days per month for May, June, and July 2021. The trawl effort units used in the southern trawl regulated waters have reached the trigger.

Trawl fisheries are Queensland's largest commercial fisheries, producing up to 7800t of product worth about $99 million each year.

There are 2 basic types of trawling: otter trawling and beam trawling. The otter trawl fishery, which operates in more open waters, is by far the larger, accounting for about 95% of the total harvest taken each year. Beam trawlers are used in estuaries.

Queensland has 4 main trawl fisheries:

  • the east coast otter trawl fishery
  • the Moreton Bay otter trawl fishery
  • the river and inshore beam trawl fishery
  • the fin fish (stout whiting) trawl fishery.

This guide gives an overview of Queensland's commercial trawl fisheries, including management areas, target species, gear used, licensing and regulations.


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