Overview of commercial trawl fisheries

Trawl fisheries are Queensland's largest commercial fisheries.

There are 2 basic types of trawling: otter trawling and beam trawling. The otter trawl fishery, which operates in more open waters, is by far the larger, accounting for about 95% of the total harvest taken each year. Beam trawlers are used in estuaries.

Queensland has 4 main trawl fisheries:

  • the east coast otter trawl fishery
  • the Moreton Bay otter trawl fishery
  • the river and inshore beam trawl fishery
  • the fin fish (stout whiting) trawl fishery.

This guide gives an overview of Queensland's commercial trawl fisheries, including management areas, target species, gear used, licensing and regulations.


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