Replace a commercial fishing authority

If you lose or do not receive an authority in the mail, you will need to apply for a replacement. To request a replacement, send a letter to:

Fisheries Licensing
GPO Box 2764

Alternatively, fax your details to (07) 3229 8182. You will need to provide:

  • name(s) and postal address of the holder(s)
  • which authority/ies needs to be replaced
  • why the authority/ies needs to be replaced
  • signature(s) of the authority holder(s)
  • payment of the replacement fee per authority. (See the fee schedules for Queensland and Torres Strait fisheries.)

If you want the new authority mailed to a different address than your usual postal address, make sure you supply this information in your letter. You will need to make it clear that it is a one-time redirection of your mail (so that your postal address details are not changed).

The new version of the authority sent to you will be marked with the word 'replacement' and a number. If you locate the original version, you are required to destroy the original, and operate under the latest replacement version.


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