Lodging commercial and charter fishing applications

Lodging your application

Below are some tips to make sure you lodge your applications correctly. This will help make sure there are no delays in processing.


Authorities must be held by a legal entity. This includes:

  • an individual
  • a group of individuals (where each individual is named)
  • a registered company
  • various other entities created under legislation (e.g. associations).

Trading names and trusts are not eligible to hold authorities.

Applications that relate to an existing authority must be completed and signed by all of the individuals or entities that are recorded as the current holder. Signatures on certain application forms must be witnessed. Make sure your witness fits the criteria described in the 'notes' section of the application.

Items to return with applications

Applications to amend or transfer authorities must be sent to Fisheries Queensland. If licences are transferred, the licence cards need to be passed onto the new owners by the transferors, unless Fisheries Queensland requests they be returned for any reason. Make sure that the logbook returns for any catching authorities are up to date.

Applications lodged by Australian registered companies must be accompanied by a company extract. This extract is a specific document prepared by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which identifies the directors and secretaries of the company. You can find company extracts by searching the ASIC Registers. For a fee, Fisheries Queensland will obtain this document on your behalf.

Any overseas companies applying for licences need to provide similar evidence that they are appropriately registered within their country.

For more information, contact Fisheries Queensland.

Entities created under pieces of legislation other than the Corporations Act 2001 (e.g. associations), should contact Fisheries Queensland to discuss what documentation needs to be supplied with their applications.

Any application fees must be paid when you submit your application.

Refer to the checklist and instructions contained in the relevant application form to ensure you return any other items required.