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Queensland commercial fishing fees

Below is a list of current fees, effective 1 July 2019. The fees include any increments to the previous year after the annual review. To view the full table of current and past fees applicable, please refer to the Fisheries Regulation 2008.

Upfront fees

'Application fees' and 'Other fees' (see sections listed in table) must be paid upfront, to Fisheries Queensland, along with the appropriate application form.

Invoiced fees

Licence registration and 'Fishery access' fees (see table below) are invoiced to the named licence holder(s) annually.

New licences and outstanding fees

When applying for a new licence, any outstanding invoiced fees will need to be paid with your application in addition to the upfront or other fees. This includes any outstanding fees related to a previous licence that has been cancelled due to non-payment. For more information, or advice on payment of fees in arrears, phone Fisheries Queensland on 13 25 23.

Application fees (upfront fees)Cost
New charter fishing licence* Nil
New/returning commercial fisher licence* Nil
Other new licences Nil
Licence registration fees (per year)Cost
Commercial fisher licence $335.00
Commercial fishing boat licence $335.00
Commercial harvest fishing licence $335.00
Carrier boat licence $335.00
Charter fishing licence $335.00
Fishery access fees (per year)Cost
Net fisheries 
East Coast Net (N1) $388.60
East Coast Set Net (N2) $777.20
Gulf Inshore Net (N3) $1,474.00
East Coast Net (N4) $2,947.85
East Coast Net (N10) $1,138.80
Commercial Bait Net (N11) $200.95
Net Gulf of Carpentaria No. 3 (N12) $23,416.30
Net Gulf of Carpentaria No. 4 (N13) $13,009.10
Ocean Beach (K1 to K8) $777.20/symbol
Crab fisheries 
Queensland Crab (C1) $388.60
Spanner Crab Symbol (C2) Nil
Spanner Crab Quota (C2 units) $1.0049/unit
Spanner Crab (C3) $388.60
Line fisheries 
Queensland Line (L1) $388.60
Queensland Line (L2) $388.60
Queensland Line (L3) $388.60
QFJA Line No. 1 (L4) $1138.80
East Coast Multiple Hook (L8) $1,138.80
Line Quota Symbols (RQ, SM) Nil
Coral Trout Quota (CT units) $0.4023/unit
Red Throat Emperor Quota (RTE units) $0.2009/unit
Other Species Quota (OS units) $0.2009/unit
Spanish Mackerel (SM units) $0.2009/unit
Trawl fisheries 
Moreton Bay Restricted (M2) $1,138.80
East Coast Trawl Quota Symbols (T1, T2, M1) Nil
Trawl Effort Units (T1 or T2 units) $0.4023/unit
Stout Whiting (T4) $388.60
T4-ITQ Unit T4 $0.03752/unit
Beam Trawl (T5 to T9) $388.60
Other fisheries 
Rock lobster (R) $0.4023/unit
Shark and ray (S) $777.20
Pearl (P) $388.60
Beche-de-mer quota (B1) $13.3986/unit
Trochus quota (J1) (1 unit = 100kg) $13.3986/unit
Aquarium fish (A1) $388.60
Aquarium fish - limited (A2) $127.30
Eel (E) $127.30
Juvenile eel (JE) $127.30
Oyster harvesting (O) $66.9935/area
Beachworm (W1) $127.30
Bloodworm (W2) $127.30
Yabby (Y) $127.30
Coral harvesting (D) $6.6993/unit
Shell grit harvesting (G) $127.30
Star sand harvesting (H) $127.30
Shell (F) $127.30
Other fees (upfront fees)Cost
Certificate about the register $167.55
Replace an authority $33.55
Amend personal details of holder Nil
Boat replacement $167.55
To amend an authority at holder's request $33.65
Fishery symbol movement application $167.55
Permanent transfer of an authority (e.g. licence or quota) $167.55
Temporary transfer of an authority (e.g. licence or quota) $33.55
Inspect the register or obtain a copy of details contained in the register:

  • individual(s) licence
  • group listing (e.g. list of all T1 authorities)

From $67.15
From $134.20
General fisheries permit $335.00
Developmental fishing permit $6,297.70
Indigenous fishing permit Nil


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