Queensland commercial and charter fishing application forms

New authorities

These applications are for new authorities only:

Amend authorities

When a new (replacement) boat is introduced for another boat on a primary commercial fishing licence, the licence needs to be amended by completing this form:

For other amendments (such as changing boat names) use this form:

Transfer authorities

Use these applications to register the permanent transfer of ownership of an authority (this includes adding or removing people or companies from the existing holders of the authority):

Updated quota certificates are supplied following successful permanent transfers of quota. You will not receive an updated certificate if you temporarily transfer quota, or after every six-monthly fee notice payment.

Temporary transfer of authorities

Use these applications to temporarily transfer an authority:

Any changes to details of the authority while under temporary transfer must be lodged by the permanent owner of the authority (e.g. boat details, changes to the number of tenders in a fishery or changes to fishery symbols on the licence).

Move fishery symbols

Surrender authority



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