Commercial fishing in Queensland

From 3 January 2017 until further notice, all six scallop replenishment areas (SRAs) located off Yeppoon, Bustard Head and Hervey Bay are closed to all scallop fishing. A winter closure also applies each year – fishers cannot take or be in possession of scallops in the Queensland East Coast Otter Trawl Fishery between 1 May and 31 October each year. These measures have been put in place to prevent further decline to the stock. Find out more.

Queensland's commercial fisheries are a significant contributor to the national and state economy and a vital primary industry for many coastal towns, especially in remote areas.

About 1,500 licensed commercial fishing boats operate in Queensland fisheries, which are among the most sustainable in the world.

Fisheries Queensland is the lead government agency developing policies to protect and conserve our state's fisheries resources while maintaining profitable commercial fisheries.

This guide provides an overview of Queensland's commercial fisheries, Fisheries Queensland services and how you can get involved in commercial fishing.