Culture environment for jade perch

Tank and pond systems

Limited commercial experience suggests that jade perch are suited to production in well-managed recirculation tank systems with effective biological filtration.

Some commercial production has also occurred in purpose-built earth ponds. Pond sizes can vary from 0.2-0.5ha surface area with depths of 0.7-2.5m. It is an advantage to have all ponds easily drainable.

Water quality

Dissolved oxygen (DO) levels of 4mg per litre or greater encourage maximum growth and survival. Aeration (paddlewheels and/or aspirators) is essential for commercial production. Aeration and water exchanges need to be increased when pond water temperatures exceed 30oC.

Many farmers cease feeding when temperatures fall below 16oC. Growth rates decline rapidly when water temperatures fall below 20oC. Handling fish below 17oC may cause mortalities. Large-scale mortalities have occurred at temperatures in ponds below 13oC.

Jade perch can tolerate a pH of between 6 and 9, with the desired range between 6.5 and 8.5. Salinity levels of 5g per litre of sodium chloride are acceptable for long-term exposure and can be used to treat ectoparasite and fungal diseases.

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