Jade perch aquaculture

The Barcoo grunter (Scortum barcoo) is a native fish of the Lake Eyre and Bulloo-Bancannia catchments. It is a relatively new aquaculture species and is marketed under the name jade perch.

Queensland aquaculturists farm jade perch in either tanks or ponds. Successful jade perch farming involves carefully managing stocking rates, water quality and diet. Industry suggests that production of 5-10t per hectare is attainable in well-managed ponds.

A number of silver perch growers have produced jade perch and found them to be very hardy and are positive about their potential. Producers target the live fish market and sell product in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Initial market reaction has been positive to the attractive colour and high weight-to-length ratio of the species.

There are a number of challenges facing the industry. Serious consideration should be given to profitability, economies of scale and successful marketing strategies when considering jade perch farming as an investment opportunity.

This guide provides an overview of jade perch farming in Queensland.