Stock grazing in state-owned forest

Stock grazing in state-owned forests increases the flexibility of cattle management in Queensland and allows graziers to feed their livestock with food sources growing on state-owned land.

You will need a stock grazing permit if you want to graze livestock in state-owned forests. In Queensland, stock grazing permits are granted only for cattle and horses. Sheep and goats are not permitted to graze on state-owned land.

Under the Forestry Act 1959 (Qld) you can obtain a stock grazing permit for a fixed term of up to 7 years. You can get an extension of up to 7 years if your existing permit was initially issued for less than 7 years.

Stock grazing activities can also take place in plantation forests on state-owned land. Plantation forests in Queensland are currently managed, grown and harvested by HQPlantations. These areas can be identified using the Defined Forest Area maps.

To apply for a permit to graze stock in state-owned forest, contact HQPlantations or our Customer Service Centre for further information.

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