Environmental management of piggery worm farms

National environmental guidelines have been developed for Australian piggeries. Relevant aspects of these guidelines also apply to your worm farm activities.

Learn more about the National environmental guidelines for piggeries.

Buffers for piggery worm farms

You must include the necessary buffers when building worm beds, in order to protect any nearby water sources or neighbours from environmental impacts. You can learn more about the required buffers by consulting the separation guidelines for Queensland piggeries (PDF, 260KB), and your local council.

Managing drainage and leachate

Worm beds must be well drained so that they do not become soggy. Drainage holes constructed at the base of worm beds will allow excess moisture to drain away.

Any drainage or leachate from the beds will need to be collected or contained. Leachate can be directed into your effluent management system or used as a liquid fertiliser elsewhere on your farm.

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