Pig nutrition and feed

Learn how to balance your pig herd’s nutritional requirements.

Laws against supplying and feeding prohibited feed to pigs (swill)

Find out what you can and can’t legally feed pigs, including the risks and penalties associated with swill feeding.

Understand nutritional requirements

Find out what nutrients pigs need for a balanced diet.

Develop a dietary plan

Learn how to manage a pig dietary plan and use dedicated computer programs to ensure your herd’s nutritional needs are met.


Learn about digestible energy (DE) and the 9 amino acids that are essential for pig growth.

Amino acids

Learn about the 9 amino acids that need to be included in a pig's diet.

Minerals and salt

Select the right minerals to promote bone development and muscle growth in pigs.

Mix feed

Learn how to mix and test the uniformity of feed for pigs.

Assess the condition of pigs

Learn how to score and assess the condition of your pigs.