Worm farming with pig manure and effluent

Managing piggery solid waste is often a challenge for pig farmers. It can be difficult to dispose of pig manure and effluent sludge in an environmentally friendly way.

Worm farming can be an effective method of processing piggery waste and converting it into worm compost, which is a useful and potentially saleable product. Using pig manure and effluent sludge to feed worms can have the added benefit of reducing your piggery's environmental impact.

A worm farm can help you dispose of solid waste from your pig farm quickly and economically. Worms can eat more than their own weight in organic matter from the day they hatch and, with experience, you can efficiently care for millions of worms.

This guide explains how to:

  • start a worm farm using pig manure
  • maintain your worm farm
  • harvest worm castings and worms.

The information on using manure can also be applied to effluent sludge.