Leucaena inoculum for cattle

Cattle that are introduced to graze leucaena-based pastures in Queensland should be drenched with a probiotic containing bacteria that can break down a harmful toxin in the leucaena fodder tree (Leucaena leucocephala). The leaves, pods and seeds of leucaena all contain the toxic amino acid mimosine.

About leucaena inoculum

The leucaena inoculum contains a rumen bacterium (Synergistes jonesii) designed to break down mimosine to harmless by-products. Without the inoculum, cattle liveweight gain can be significantly limited. In some instances, the animal can die.

Animals should be grazing leucaena for around 7 days prior to inoculation so that there is leucaena material in the rumen for the inoculated bacteria to survive. Only 10% of the mob needs inoculating as the bacteria will naturally pass to the others. So while a 500ml bottle of inoculum contains 5 doses, it effectively treats 50 animals (5 dosed; 45 others picking it up from the 5 dosed animals).

How to order leucaena inoculum

You can order the leucaena inoculum by phoning the Tick Fever Centre on (07) 3270 9600 or faxing to (07) 3898 9685. If faxing your order, please use the leucaena inoculum order form.

Office hours at the Tick Fever Centre are from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. The inoculum is dispatched on Wednesday, and orders must be received by 4pm on Tuesday to be dispatched the same week.

A 500ml bottle costs  $241.05 plus freight.

Leucaena grazing production systems

For more information on leucaena grazing production systems, email Diane Ouwerkerk on diane.ouwerkerk@daf.qld.gov.au.

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