Requirements for hormonal growth promotant-free producers

Producers who wish to export to hormonal growth promotant (HGP)-free markets must meet certain requirements.

Non-EU markets

Cattle targeted for HGP-free markets outside the European Union (EU) can be declared HGP-free if they:

  • have been bred on the property of origin and have never been treated
  • are purchased stock and you have a declaration from the previous owner stating they have never been treated in their lives.

With purchased stock, this declaration of HGP freedom may be:

Producers selling HGP-free cattle should complete the HGP question on a NVD (cattle) form. They must be able to substantiate their HGP-free status by either having bred the cattle and never treated them with HGPs or keeping copies of HGP-free declarations from previous owners.

Any owner of cattle declared as HGP-free and subsequently found with evidence of HGP implants could face regulatory action.

EUCAS-accredited producer requirements

Only properties accredited under European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme (EUCAS) can supply cattle for the EU market. EUCAS is now administered nationwide by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.