Hormonal growth promotants in cattle

Hormonal growth promotants (HGPs) are a group of veterinary drugs that mimic the growth hormones in cattle. HGPs are widely used in Australia and many other countries.

HGPs increase muscle growth, mature size and lean yield, and tend to delay fat deposition. They do not improve meat quality.

Best responses occur when cattle are already gaining good weight (i.e. over 0.5kg per day). Correct application is important for good results.

Some importing countries, like the European Union (EU), do not permit the use of HGPs in livestock. Graziers and feedlotters should first check with regular cattle buyers for their requirements regarding HGP usage. If they use HGPs, then they must meet all legal and market requirements.

This guide describes how HGPs are used in cattle, the requirements for using HGPs, and the rules for exporting to HGP-free markets.