Plant pests and diseases

Pests and diseases that affect plants can have a major impact on farm profitability. By preventing the spread of plant pests and diseases on your property you are helping to protect your farm, your industry and Queensland's international reputation for safe products.

Farm biosecurity is the responsibility of every person on your property. The best defence is prevention – by implementing sound biosecurity practices.

Testing crops for pests and diseases

Grow Help Australia provides a disease and pest diagnostic service for all horticultural crops, including nursery production, flower and ornamental plants, and fruit and vegetables.

Weed biosecurity

Develop a biosecurity plan to manage weeds on your property and ensure you are addressing the priority issues for your farm. Weeds have the potential to:

  • damage ecosystems
  • reduce productivity and profitability
  • seriously limit the long-term sustainability of Queensland's agricultural and natural resources
  • affect human health.

Weeds also increase the risk of fire and costs to infrastructure maintenance, and make recreation areas less pleasant.

Familiarise yourself with the pests, weed and disease threats for your industry and region.

Also consider...

  • For more information about how to identify and control pests, diseases and weeds, or to report a sighting, contact the Customer Service Centre.