Animal health and diseases

Biosecurity Queensland develops and implements programs to monitor the health status of Queensland's animal, fish and bee populations. Primary producers play a vital role in the success of these programs.

Risks associated with animal pests and diseases

All animal keepers and animal owners should know how to maintain the health of their animals and protect them against disease. You should be aware of risks for your property and be able to develop and implement a biosecurity property plan.

If you are a primary producer, pests and diseases that affect animals can have a major impact on your business's profitability.

You need to be aware of the laws and protocols around animal health, for example in relation to:

You can also access a range of tools and products to help control tick fever in your cattle. Assessing the risks and planning to control them can improve your business's profitability and contribute to your local community's economic health.

Emergency animal diseases

Emergency animal diseases have the potential to severely impact Queensland's economy and lifestyle. Some emergency diseases can affect large numbers of animals and could close Queensland's animal trade and products markets.

All emergency animal diseases must be reported to Biosecurity Queensland as soon as they are suspected. All animal owners should be aware of the signs of emergency diseases in their livestock or pet animals.

Look at the A-Z list of significant animal pests and diseases to help diagnose any concerns you may have with the health of your animals.

Reportable diseases

Early recognition of a serious or exotic animal disease is one of the most important factors in controlling the disease, and reducing its economic and social impact on the community.

Find out more about Queensland's reportable diseases, including which issues to report immediately.


Zoonoses are diseases that can spread from animals to people. More than 200 zoonoses have been identified and can be transferred by agents, bacteria, parasites, viruses, prions, fungi and other methods.

Find out more about preventing zoonotic diseases.

Protecting your farm through disease control

There are certain significant animal diseases in Queensland that are managed by biosecurity programs. Most other animal diseases are the responsibility of the animal owner to control, with the support of a private veterinarian.

Also consider...

  • Find out about how to identify and control pests and diseases, or to report a sighting by phoning the Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23.