Noosa fish health investigation

The Noosa Fish Health Investigation Taskforce was set up in 2009 to investigate a range of fish health problems at the Sunland Fish Hatchery, including deaths and abnormalities, and broader fish health issues associated with the Noosa River catchment.

The goals of the taskforce were to:

  1. Investigate the potential causes of fish deaths and larval deformities at the Sunland Fish Hatchery from January 2006.
  2. Investigate any links between fish health problems at the hatchery with broader ecosystem and fish health concerns in the Noosa River catchment.
  3. Make findings or recommendations in relation to scientific sampling, analysis or experimentation to assist investigations.
  4. Engage with relevant stakeholders, including the affected parties, industry and relevant local and state government agencies.
  5. Present a final report on the outcome of the investigations to minimise the risk of similar occurrences in any aquaculture facilities.

The report and other related materials from the taskforce can be accessed by calling the Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23.