Fitzroy River fish pathology report

Biosecurity Queensland has released a report into fish health in the Fitzroy River.

The report summarises our findings from an investigation into the potential impacts associated with the discharge of water from the Ensham coal mine following flooding of the Emerald region in 2008.

In September 2008, we undertook a study of the fish health in the Bedford and Tartrus weirs. In January and May 2009, we did further sampling in 4 investigation sites (Bedford Weir, Tartrus Weir, Bingegang Weir and Fitzroy Barrage) and 2 reference sites (Comet Weir and Moura on the Dawson River).

The report describes a number of major findings, including that a large proportion of fish at investigation sites downstream of the mine water discharge did display signs of ill-health. However, the proportion declined over time suggesting that a change in water conditions had occurred.

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