Tools and resources for banana growers

We support our banana industry through ongoing research and development.

Our scientists and extension officers are working with producers to build a more sustainable industry. Use the tools and resources below to assist with adopting best practice management.

Tools and resources

Guide for the banana industry—Information on markets, pests and diseases, and support for banana farm workers and contractors.

Banana root and soil health user's manual (PDF, 403KB)—Outlines simple tests to measure soil health using an on-farm testing kit.

Banana disease risk assessment checklist (PDF, 296KB)—Helps to assess the risk of Panama disease infection to your property.

Research and development reports—Read reports from Australian Banana Growers' Council and Better Bananas.

Treatment system toolkit—Outlines where and how different treatment systems can be used to improve water quality.

Queensland agriculture industry associations—Contact for training assistance, mentoring, events and more.

Reef-catchment projects—Read about knowledge-based practical tools and advice to growers, funded through the Queensland Reef Water Quality Program.

Technology for banana growers

Better Bunch app

Use the Better Bunch app to record everyday farm practices for your best management practices (BMP).

The app is available free if you've completed the online version of the BMP. The app was funded by the Queensland Government.

Agricultural technology (agtech)

Real-time data and agtech can help you better understand your land, soil and crops. Insights provided by data support decision making and can lead to a more profitable and sustainable business.

Find agtech products by searching the product directory.

Biosecurity preparedness and managing pests and diseases

Create your on-farm biosecurity management plan to reduce the risk of introducing or spreading an infectious disease, pests or weeds. Preventative biosecurity measures can help contain outbreaks if they do occur.

Learn how to identify Panama disease tropical race 4 (TR4).

Encourage visitors to use the Farm Check-In tool when entering your agricultural property to minimise the spread of pests and diseases.

Grants and funding

You can apply for BMP incentive grants to help you make on-farm improvements.

Read about grants for on-farm improvements from the Australian Banana Growers' Council.

Find out about other grants and funding to support producers in the Reef catchments.

Education and training

We run regular workshops, field tours and shed meetings to keep growers informed. Speak to your Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) extension officer to find out about upcoming events and training.

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Find out about the National Banana Roadshow and the Australian Banana Industry Congress.