Banana leaf spot regulations

Leaf speckle, commonly referred to as 'leaf spot', and yellow Sigatoka are leaf diseases that can have a devastating effect on banana production, particularly in North Queensland.

A high level of leaf spot infection in your plants will cause problems such as:

  • delays in filling bunches
  • reduced 'green life' in fruit causing mixed ripening
  • increased costs for de-leafing and spraying
  • difficulty in detecting exotic leaf diseases if they arrive in your area
  • restricted market access.

What the general biosecurity obligation means for banana growers

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014 banana growers have a general biosecurity obligation to manage the risks of pests and diseases. This means that you have an obligation to control banana leaf spot.

A banana industry biosecurity guideline (PDF, 387KB) has been developed in collaboration with the industry to provide guidance to growers on how they can meet their general biosecurity obligation. This Guideline provides information on how growers can control banana leaf spot.

Failure to fulfil your general biosecurity obligation may result in a biosecurity order being issued, requiring a grower to take specific action to control banana leaf spot. These are legally enforceable, and penalties apply for failing to comply with a biosecurity order.

Be alert for exotic banana pests and diseases. If you see any unusual disease symptoms or unfamiliar pests on banana plants, contact Biosecurity Queensland immediately.