Accreditation scheme operational procedures

Under the Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) and Certification Assurance Accreditation (CAA) schemes, different types of products may be covered by a number of different operational procedures.

Several operational procedures may provide acceptable options for the same pest on the same type of product for 1 or more destinations. Importing states or territories may have quarantine restrictions for other pests requiring certification in addition to those covered by operational procedures. It is essential that you check the entry requirements for the particular item you intend consigning with the destination plant quarantine authority.

Summaries of ICA operational procedures

Summaries of the current ICA operational procedures (with links to full text PDF files) are available from the ICA database. The Schedule of National ICA Documents details states and territories that accept a particular ICA operational procedure as a method of meeting their quarantine requirements.

CAA operational procedures are being developed and summaries of these procedures will be provided here.

Changes to operational procedures

The details of each operational procedure are subject to change at short notice and depend on the quarantine restrictions set by importing states or territories. Accredited certifiers should contact their local plant biosecurity officer to ensure they have the correct and latest procedure before issuing a plant health assurance certificate. Where a change is made to an operational procedure, Biosecurity Queensland will notify relevant accredited certifiers of the change as soon as possible. A copy of the updated version of the procedure will also be provided.

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