Interstate and intrastate certification for moving plants and plant products

You may need a biosecurity certificate to move plants, plant products and related items within Queensland, or out of Queensland to another Australian state or territory.

The plant quarantine authority for the receiving state or territory may require a biosecurity certificate as evidence that certain legal (quarantine) requirements have been met before allowing the plants, plant products, or related items to be moved into their jurisdiction.

For information about quarantine requirements for moving plants, plant products and related items into Queensland, within Queensland, and from Queensland to other states and territories, read restrictions for moving equipment, plant material and soil.

If a biosecurity certificate is required within Queensland, it can be obtained from either a Biosecurity Queensland inspector or an accredited certifier. This guide contains information about obtaining a biosecurity certificate, becoming an accredited certifier and accreditation schemes, procedures and fees.

Note: For international certification requirements, contact the Australian Government's Plant Export Operations Branch, Biosecurity Plant Division, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.