Preventing invasive plant spread: advice for farmers

Invasive plants (weeds) can cause serious economic, environmental and social problems. Queensland farmers play an important role in preventing invasive plants from spreading.

The Biosecurity Act 2014 requires everyone to take all reasonable and practical steps to minimise the risks associated with invasive plants and animals under their control. This is called a general biosecurity obligation (GBO).

You can use the following strategies to prevent invasive plants from spreading on and from your property.

Develop invasive plant plans, protocols and procedures

  • Know the major invasive plants in your area. Contact your local council, Weed Spotter group, Bushcare group or Landcare group for more information.
  • Develop a pest management plan.
  • Make sure your management systems have strategies to prevent invasive plant spread, or follow an industry code of practice.
  • Develop steps and procedures to prevent invasive plant seeds from entering or leaving your property.
  • Use integrated weed management for more effective control.

Buy plant material free of invasive plants

  • Check Australian Government import restrictions before ordering plant material from overseas, including bulbs and seeds purchased over the internet or by mail order.
  • Never buy waterweeds or keep them in your ponds.

Keep vehicles and equipment clean

  • Where possible, stick to designated roads and tracks and avoid areas infested with invasive plants.
  • Clean all vehicles, machinery, tools, boots and other equipment when leaving invasive plant-infested areas. Follow the recommended clean-down procedures for vehicles and machinery.
  • Check boats, propellers and trailers and remove any plant material before entering or leaving waterways.
  • Ask that visitors and service providers clean their vehicles, machinery and any other equipment before entering your property.
  • Contact other landowners before entering their properties and check their requirements for preventing the spread of invasive plants.

Manage your farm and livestock

  • Manage a buffer area or windbreak around your boundary.
  • Keep access roads, easements and yards free of invasive plants.
  • Set aside containment areas for treating feed or livestock that could be contaminated with invasive plants.
  • Quarantine livestock for at least 1 week when they enter or leave your property.

Dispose of invasive plants safely

  • After removing invasive plants, dispose of them using disposal practices recommended by authorities. Never dump cuttings or plants in bushland or other areas where they may spread.
  • Never dump aquatic weeds in drains or waterways.

Further information

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