Controlling weeds (invasive plants) on your property

Some introduced plants from other countries have become serious pests in Queensland. These plants (commonly known as weeds) are called invasive plants in Queensland's Biosecurity Act 2014. They threaten Queensland's agriculture industries, natural environment, livestock, human health and people's livelihoods.

Under the Biosecurity Act, landowners, including state and local government, are responsible for controlling weeds on their property. Queensland's farmers spend more than $600 million each year on weed-related control activities. However, the total cost of weeds to Queensland's economy and your business can be much higher, including:

  • direct control and management costs
  • competition with pasture species to reduce available grazing
  • toxicity to stock
  • competition with crops for space, water and nutrients
  • increased stock mustering costs
  • loss of ecotourism values
  • impact of aquatic weeds on water quality and irrigation.

This guide explains various methods to control weeds on your property and how this can benefit your business.