Imported Animal Quarantine and Surveillance Scheme

Cattle imported into Australia

Following BSE outbreaks overseas, Australia banned the importation of live cattle from Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA between 1998 and 2004.

However, before the bans were in place, some cattle were imported to Australia from countries that had BSE. Given BSE's long incubation period, it is important to monitor these animals to ensure that they do not develop BSE.

These cattle have been traced, identified and placed under permanent quarantine to ensure they do not enter the food chain for either humans or animals.

Australia's Imported Animal Quarantine and Surveillance Scheme ensures that the status of each quarantined animal is confirmed and reported each year.

Sheep and goats imported into Australia

It has been illegal to import live sheep and goats into Australia from all countries except New Zealand since 1952.

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