Care and training of boars for semen collection

The Model code of practice for the welfare of animals - Pigs describes how pigs must be handled and managed in Queensland. The code covers pig husbandry that is appropriate to pigs' physical and behavioural needs.

Boar training

Young boars are usually easy to train. Avoid rough handling when training a boar to mount a dummy sow. An injury or a fall may discourage the animal and make training difficult.

To encourage boars, the adjustable dummy sow should be:

  • set at the correct height for the trainee boar
  • stable, comfortable and free from sharp projections
  • located on a dry, slip-free floor (a non-slip mat may be used) in an area that is familiar to the boar (e.g. his pen or the mating pen).

Sometimes the trainee boar may require encouragement to mount and thrust by:

  • ensuring the smell of semen or saliva from another boar or urine from a sow is present on the adjustable dummy sow
  • smearing some of the boar's own semen on the adjustable dummy sow (this is seldom required)
  • using an oestrus sow to arouse the boar, then collecting a little semen and removing the sow
  • implementing sound workplace health and safety procedures.