Environmental laws and codes for agricultural industries

Intensive agriculture can damage the environment by, for example, contaminating surrounding land or water, or through noise and odour. Environmental regulations are in place that are industry-specific and protect specific environmental values.

Cattle feedlots and managing environmental impacts

Manage the environmental impacts of cattle in feedlots by:

  • obtaining an environmental authority under the Environmental Protection Act 1994
  • complying with the national guidelines for the industry.

Poultry farm legal requirements

Learn about poultry farm legal requirements to:

  • obtain an environmental authority under the Environmental Protection Act 1994
  • gain development approvals
  • establish or operate a poultry farm in Queensland.

Piggeries and managing environmental impacts

Understand your legal obligations to manage the environmental impacts of a piggery by obtaining and complying with:

  • an environmental authority under the Environmental Protection Act 1994
  • development approvals
  • national guidelines for piggeries.

Reef protection regulations for agriculture

Find out how to meet the reef protection regulations, if your farm is operating in the reef regions of:

  • Cape York
  • Wet Tropics
  • Burdekin
  • Mackay Whitsunday
  • Fitzroy
  • Burnett Mary.

Find out about the requirements for new or expanded commercial cropping and horticulture activities in the Great Barrier Reef catchment.

Vegetation management requirements

Understand the legal requirements of managing native vegetation on your property such as how to:

  • determine if clearing will require a permit
  • undertake clearing associated with development
  • request maps.

Find out about regulations and approvals for removal of marine plants and activities in aquatic or fish habitats.

Also learn about requirements for clearing protected plants under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

Protecting matters of national environmental significance

Learn if you will need an approval for your activity or development under the Australian Government's Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. The Act focuses on protecting matters of national environmental significance such as world heritage properties and nationally threatened species.

Wildlife regulations

Queensland's native wildlife is protected by legislation. You may require a permit, licence or authority to collect, keep, harvest or manage wildlife under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, and related legislation. You must also be aware of the strict regulations on the international trade of wildlife.

Business environmental obligations and duties

Read about your business environmental obligations and duties to help you understand your general environmental duty, as well as your duty to notify of environmental harm.

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