Agricultural trade, investment and export

As an agricultural business or part of the agricultural supply chain, you may be interested in exporting your products to world markets or gaining productive foreign investment.

We can facilitate investment, trade and export opportunities for you. This may include providing information and services direct to you as well as connecting you with investors or supply chain contracts.

Services that connect you with international markets

Trade and Investment Queensland

You can access Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) services including:

  • business matching
  • investment opportunities
  • coordination of inbound and outbound trade missions.

Major investment facilitation

For major investments, access the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning's investment facilitation service.

Local Government in Queensland

Find out how local governments play a key role in the promotion, facilitation and support for external investment (PDF, 587KB) into regional areas.

Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)

If your business is export-ready, Austrade can help connect you with overseas opportunities, win productive foreign investment and drive sustained long-term growth of Australian exports.

Trade and investment information

The following information will help you begin investigating, as well as remain informed on, trade and investment activities for your particular agricultural business.

Trade and market access and agreements for agricultural products

Find out about trade and market opportunities for agricultural products, including export markets that provide the greatest gain for agricultural industries.

Northern Australia investment

Learn how the Northern Australia Regions of Growth initiative is working across all levels of government to deliver transformative infrastructure investments.

Agribusiness and food investments

With global food demand booming, make the most of growth and partnership opportunities for your agribusiness or food investments.

Industry-specific capability reports

Research industry-specific capability reports and statements, including examples of Australian organisations with specialist expertise.

Exporting information and resources

Be part of the $18.5 billion Queensland export industry for your food and agribusiness. As the state's second most important export commodity earner, the industry makes up nearly one-quarter of our total exports.

Export for food and agribusiness—TIQ

Expand your business – TIQ provide information and support including assistance, resources and tips for exporters.

Australian export controls

Learn about Australian export controls and assistance on a range of commodities, including the live animal export trade.

Tailored services for expanding your business by exporting

Expand your business by exporting with the help of Austrade's step-by-step guide and tailored services.

Export declarations and goods permissions

Learn about Australian Border Force rules and regulations for how to export, including the rules around moving, altering or interfering with export goods.

Proposed regional export distribution centre

Find out about the proposed Queensland regional export distribution centre with 2 Queensland companies currently developing business cases to bid for the construction.

Help and resources for export of specific goods

The following publications and organisations can provide export advice for specific agriculture sectors.

Global and international trade organisations

The following organisations provide further information about import, export and other trade activities.

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