Agriculture extension services

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) extension officers work with farmers across Queensland to improve their businesses.

Our extension officers can help you improve the profitability, productivity and sustainability of your business.

Our extension officers run workshops, field tours and shed meetings to keep you informed about the latest research. They can also put you in touch with specialists and refer you to other agencies.

Our extension officers:

  • are based throughout regional Queensland and understand local land conditions
  • are experienced in a wide range of sustainable farming systems
  • have worked on many successful farm trials and projects
  • can assist you to assess your farm and find the best options
  • understand farming challenges and trends
  • can connect you to industry specialists and subject experts
  • can advise on legal and regulatory requirements
  • want to see you succeed and build your business.

Find your local extension officer

Phone DAF on 13 25 23 or email Extension officers can work with you on-farm and by phone.

Find the best systems for your business

Our extension officers will work with you, in confidence, to find the best systems to suit your situation.

Our extension services are based around:

  • land management
    • pastures through the seasons
    • gully remediation
    • pasture dieback
    • soil testing
    • nutrient management
    • managing pests and diseases
  • herd management
    • animal husbandry
    • genetics
    • cattle choice and feed requirements
  • business management
    • financial reports prepared by agricultural economists.

Host a research trial on your property

Contact us if you have a trial you’d like to run on your property.

We will help you to scope out your project including:

  • on-farm feasibility assessment
  • advice on any grants and funding
  • guidance on putting your proposal together.

Your extension officer will discuss project opportunities, constraints and processes.

Trials may take place over several years, but we can work with you through every stage.

Check out the Wambania grazing trials, which are improving grazing strategies for rainfall variability with a focus on profitability, pasture condition and run-off.

Connect with local knowledge and technology

Our extension officers help to connect farmers to the latest AgTech and data tools.

Enhanced extension in the Reef catchments

The Enhanced Extension Coordination program in the Great Barrier Reef operates throughout the Reef catchments. It provides a network of regional extension coordinators to improve collaboration and deliver services to help achieve the targets in the Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan.

The program includes a focus on building capacity in extension through training and an agricultural extension work placement program.

Work with our agronomists and economists

DAF extension services include agronomists, economists and researchers.

Our agronomists can help you capture and improve on-farm data and testing.

Our agricultural economists can help you:

  • assess the costs and benefits of different management practices and systems
  • streamline your financial records
  • assess return on investment for new farming systems.

Resources are available for farming and production of sugarcane, grazing, bananas and grains.

Our horticultural researchers can advise on the best science-based options for growers.

Listen to podcasts of conversations with our sugarcane and banana extensions officers.