Setting up your home business

Establishing a successful home business takes time and research. It's important to consider the following before you set up your home business in Queensland.

Get ready to start your business

Take our business readiness quiz to see if you have what it takes to start a business. If you're ready, the next step is to find how to turn your idea into a business.

Find the right business licences

Visit ABLIS (Australian Business Licence and Information Service) to check local, Queensland and Australian government licensing requirements for your home business.

Speak to your mortgage provider or landlord

Seek approval from your lender or landlord before commencing business – some home mortgages and rental agreements prohibit business being conducted on the premises.

Check your insurance requirements

Advise your insurance company of your home business activities. They will let you know any costs or restrictions.

Learn more about business insurance.

Consider your neighbours

Two common area issues are a lack of available on-street parking due to clients visiting your business, and the level of noise your business will create. Discuss your plans with your neighbours before you begin.

Consider client access to your business

If clients need to visit you, is your home business easy to find? How will you cater for clients with disabilities? If you live in a busy street, you may have to provide off-street parking at your home – contact your local council for more information. If you don't have the space to meet with clients, you could use coffee shops, libraries or even rented meeting rooms.

Establish a home office

Set up your home office in a separate room or enclosed area of your home – this means you can work free from distraction, and helps you separate your personal and business life.

Seek council approval

Councils in Queensland generally support home businesses and recognise their economic potential, but you must gain approval before you begin operating. Every council has different regulations.

Visit ABLIS (Australian Business Licence and Information Service) to find out if your local council has any planning and zoning regulations, and if any approvals are required.

Write your business plan

A business plan identifies your goals, opportunities, risks, budget and time constraints. Your business plan helps you to turn your idea for a home business into a reality.

Learn more about how to write a business plan.

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